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“I have nothing but good things to say about Ken. He has always been helpful with any issues and has always seen them to a resolution, as has everyone with your company. We look forward to a continued relationship with WNA. Ken’s commitment and dedication to servicing his clients has proved to be a successful combination for your continued prosperity.”

- Myra Sellers, Alfa Insurance

“Customer Service. Wilber is prompt and courteous. If there is an issue with any of our files, Wilber will go the extra mile to correct or fix the problem.”

- Theresa Baker, State Auto Insurance

“Wilber and Associates has met our needs with the services that it takes to pursue the responsible parties in many of our cases. Their communication with me and my cases has been great.”

- Karen Birks-Pace, Erie Insurance

“If I had to sum up Wilber in one word, I would not be able to do so. They are efficient, friendly, hard-working, and make my job much easier.”

- Joan Gray, Shelter Insurance

“Fantastic…personable people with the skill to go after the money - they are pleasant to talk with either by phone or e-mail. The Wilber web site is very user-friendly, and, while they don’t have a lot of files from us (at least this office), their collectability is good.”

- Linda, Orlando, FL

“We began our relationship with Wilber in the first quarter of 2009 and have been delighted with their results. They have accepted a wide variety of referrals from us yet we feel like the same attention is paid to each case, no matter what the dollar amount. Recently we referred a recovery to Wilber that had been with another recovery agency for almost a year. The other agency advised us that they had exhausted all reasonable efforts in attempting recovery. Within a month of our referral, Wilber had secured a settlement offer from the debtor. I cannot express how happy we have been with the level of service and competency that we have experienced with Wilber.”

- James, Boston, MA

“At first I was not sure of rating Wilber - An 8? A 9? But then as I kept thinking about it - about the vendors I have or currently work with - Wilber is always the one I think of as being the best. I don’t know what would keep me from rating you a 10, so a 10 it is!  A single word would be consistency - service and responsiveness is always there.”

- Gary, Minneapolis, MN

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your office does for us.  Even though we give you the hard cases to collect on, you try everything within reason to collect without making us spend unnecessary money. You manage to collect on some of these hard cases by doing what we cannot.”

- Joan, Columbia, MO

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